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Why aprons? Because I had a yen to make one for myself and being someone who prefers old/vintage over new I went in search of a pattern. The first one I bought was a reproduction pattern from the 20‘s that required one yard of fabric and looked simple enough to make. That was the beginning.It has been trial and error as I figure out what aprons and fabrics work both for me and for those who like to buy them. What stays consistent is my desire to keep it fun and part of that means I buy enough fabric for one apron, making each apron unique – there are two exceptions to that rule: linen aprons and child’s aprons. I have the honor being the first to try on each newly minted apron to see how the apron design works with the chosen fabric. Most of the time I am pleased….Yo Momma’s Apron Strings evolves as I tweak the balance between my aprons and the rest of my life. Each year offers new potential as I build on the previous year’s experience to try to make things work more effectively.There are lots of aprons yet to make and new ways to get them to those who would like to buy them. I think that’s enough to keep me busy.

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Brunswick Winter Market (seasonally on Saturdays) in Brunswick, Maine