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Coming from a long line of handcrafters I continued in that vein when my art teacher sister introduced me to polymer clay over thirty years ago. A versatile oven bake medium that can be manipulated into many different end products I chose to make ornaments. My mother would make or purchase an ornaments for each of us as we grew so did out collection of ornaments. When I left home to make my way in the world those memorable ornaments came with me. I began making Christmas decorations for family and friends and quickly expanded to selling to the public at craft fairs and then went online over twenty years ago. New design ideas are definitely generated from suggestions from current customers. Often the idea will show up when least expected. like the middle of the night!I have the pleasure of now seeing the children of early customers return to begin their own collection of Winter Whimsies ornament for the families they are starting. That is truly rewarding.

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