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Wild Rosie is the creation of Maine artist, Nina Devenney, who resides in midcoast Maine and works from a cozy home studio nestled against the woods and just a few miles from the sea. She was raised by two artists, who specialized in ceramics, painting and photography, and whose work and artistic visions were a constant in her childhood home. Above all, being raised by artists taught her to notice, to deeply appreciate, and to find joy in the tiniest of moments and inspiration in simple natural things that surround us in Maine.

Nina has been making art with her own two hands for as long as she can remember. With a background that covers a breadth of media, she has found herself continually inspired by the earth and revels in the endless wonder of Maine’s land and coastline. She received her BFA in Studio Arts in 2010, has taught art to children, to adults and to people with developmental differences, has apprenticed a master metalsmith, and learned various crafts from makers she looks up to and admires. Her art has been a constant in her life, as has been her connection to her community.

Wild Rosie was born out of a sincere love of the natural world and a true desire to bring beauty and genuine joy to the lives of others. Environmental conservation is often at the heart of her work, with a deep love of all the exquisite beauty the earth gives to those that call it home. She is constantly driven by a strong desire to bring our world closer together and to encourage others to look upon the world with a sense of wonder and awe. In seeing the natural riches that we all share and have in common, she hopes to inspire the viewer to take good care of the place we all call home, and connect with one another.

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