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Our roots run deep, not only in the land of Maine, but in the food systems, culture, and economy.
West Maquoit Vinegar Works combines ancient traditions with modern technology. It is a practice of patience. A work of art & science. The foundation of all our vinegars is Maine. Taking inspiration from what surrounds us, grounds us. By collaborating with Maine farmers, malters, brewers and other artisans, West Maquoit Vinegar Works brings together the work of many, and through the power of culture and Cultures creates a unique vinegar.

The Vinegar Works believes in a sustainable process that utilizes, supports, and elevates the products of the Maine food network. We are committed to supporting the producers, growers and creators in our local region to create something new.

Our vinegar is more than just an ingredient.

Favorite vinegars- The basement of Fore Street had a large cask of cider vinegar that made an early impression on me. Allagash Brewing had a barrel or two of what was known as “the Vinagash” that a select few Chefs had access to. That was some eye opening stuff and really got me thinking about the possibilities of ale vinegars. Hard to pick a favorite of my own work, often the one I am most excited about is the next project I am dreaming up! The Wild Blueberry Vinegar is one of my favorites. Uniquely delicious flavor profile and a great backstory. It is so bracingly acidic and crisp, but retains the classic fruitiness of the berries. The week the wild blueberries roll in is a wild one, hot and sticky and bits of fruit all over your arms, good fermenting fun. The resulting blueberry stock rests a bit over the winter and then as the spring starts to warm up I begin the process of the second fermentation into vinegar. By the time the summer wraps up and the berries roll in again we are usually just emptying the last of last year’s stock into the fermenter.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Rosemont Market - various, Maine
Bow Street Market - Freeport, Maine
Tradewinds Market - Blue Hill, Maine
Browne Trading Co. - Portland, Maine