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After turning 40 I experienced meaningful changes to my once healthy skin and these changes dramatically impacted my confidence. I had always loved luxury skincare, but a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle pointed me to explore natural skincare brands. Disappointed with what was available on the market and a desire to have the best of both words, I decided to formulate my own skincare products. Around this same time I found myself among birch trees in my back yard, where I saw the unique and powerful Chaga mushroom growing. I recalled stories of people in Asia consuming Chaga tea for its healing properties and the growing interest here in the US. I knew my skin would benefits from the valuable properties and my skincare products needed this antioxidant-rich ingredient.
I shared the products with friends and their feedback was extremely positive. They told me how they had similar issues with their skin which caused them to feel insecure and couldn’t find products that actually worked. Once they tried my products they started to feel great about their skin and had more confidence, so I knew my products worked. At that moment my mission became clear, to inspire women’s confidence through healthy beautiful skin.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Tiller & Rye - Brewer, Maine
Mindful Style - Brewer, Maine
Willie Wags - Bangor, Maine
Lilly's - Washington C.H., Ohio