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Tree Free Brands manufactures and sells all-natural portable campfires that are easy-to-use, scentless, and made for good times. Ideal for cocktails and dinner on the patio, evenings on the beach, and parties of all sorts. Grab one for yourself, sit back, and make some fireside memories with friends and family. We source and use all-natural materials in our portable fires—wax and peat moss. The containers are recyclable steel. In addition, they are easy to light. Grab a grill lighter, touch the flame to a few of the briquettes, and you’ve got a tabletop campfire. The compact size means this campfire goes just about anywhere, from backyard to beach to backcountry. Elevate your patio experience with our portable fires!

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Alpenglow Adventure Sports - Orono, ME
Old Port Garden and Gift - Portland, ME
Terramor Outdoor - Bar Harbor, ME
Farm 23 - Boothbay Harbor, ME