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The dooloop is an original leash accessory for anyone who picks up after their best friend. The dooloop was developed out of desperation when walking my two rescue basset hounds, Bella and Angie. They were suffering from ‘stranger danger’ and would run away from everyone when they first came to live in ME. Juggling their leashes and multiple bags of poop, I needed a one-hand solution. Using modeling plastic in my kitchen, the dooloop was created. Useful and affordable, light-weight (<6grams), made with bio-degradable non-toxic plastic, it is minimally packaged on a recycled paper tag, the ball-chain works for packaging and end-use. Zero-waste, and made in Maine. The early adopters have been enthusiastic and no longer willing to walk without one, it’s quick to use and puts distance between you and dog poo.


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