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In 2016 several of the early Tekto partners returned from an outdoor excursion in the backwoods of Maine with frustration and disappointment. Even some of the most reputable names in the knife space had failed in the harsh northeastern environment. The cold and brutal conditions left our knives chipped, dull, and unreliable. The ordeal inspired us to spawn a research and development project that eventually led to the creation of Tekto. At Tekto, we focus on out-the-front automatic knives that have won accord with even the most demanding users whose lives depend on the quality of their knives. Today, Tekto challenges the industry with a straightforward proposition: WE DESIGN PURPOSE-BUILT KNIVES FOR LIFE’S MOST DEMANDING MISSIONS.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Purpose Built - Oakley, CA
Sharp Things OKC - Oklahoma City, OK
Ranch & Home - Milton-Freewater, OR
Elite Uniforms - Merced, CA