Sticker representing two hands with tattoos across the knuckles which say 'Tough as a Mother'

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I grew up in a tiny town outside of Boston, MA where everyone knew everything about everybody. I spent my 20s in the thick humidity of Lousiville, KY where I developed a love for bourbon and the southern drawl. My job at the time (a videographer and on-camera talent for a huge Ecommerce company) moved me and my husband to Las Vegas and we loved every minute of the desert life! I was so inspired by everything around me – plants, mountains, people, FOOD! I did a LOT of traveling, story-telling through video, shot a documentary in Puerto Rico… I was a busy girl!

I was laid off out of the blue, and found myself wanting to keep in touch with those I loved and cared about, but the printed card options out there felt fake and flowery. I started stonedonut shop as a way to put my personality and humor on what I was sending out.

We moved back home to New England to be near my family in February 2019. I was immediately reminded of how the ocean grounds me, inspires me and lights up my world. I was also reminded of how hard the winters are, but thoroughly enjoyed watching my husband experience them for the first time – this was his first real snow!

I love to take in the world around me, pop culture, nature, animals, music, food, movies and turn them into designs for the stonedonut shop. I think my life experience helps me to create something people identify with, and I hope what I create can help bring a smile to even life’s toughest situations.

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The Rock and Art Shop in Bangor, ME