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Maria is the maker responsible for Silybum creation. Her soul lives in the tip of a pencil, her dancing feet and in the dirt under her fingernails. She sources meaning from passion, and dedicates her days to practice and creation. She is empowered by the versions of Self that she has invented and is constantly inspired to meet the parts that develop next. Her art is deeply infused with imagination, earth, and soul. Her journey with ceramics started in elementary school when her teacher asked her the painstaking question of, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” She will always remember the image she drew of herself at a very large table, in a tall chair, with arms three times as long as her body, and a big pile of clay in front of her. “I want to be an Artist.” Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Maria dedicated as much time as possible to developing skills in pottery, jewelry design, and drawing. In college, she enrolled in courses in sculpture, ceramic, drawing and art history. She enjoyed these courses so much that time would often drift out of her mind, and she would find herself in the studio until the deep hours of the night. This is how she knew that her passion for art was true, and something that she could dedicate to wholly. After college, she continued to study art through apprenticeships in jewelry design and pottery. She also gained experience by working in various pottery production studios and as a freelance floral designer. In between the pursuit of art education, Maria also fell in love with flower farming. She has served as a farm hand in many locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire. In 2019, Maria purchased a four acre lot in Arrowsic, ME and began a little farm of her own where she grows flowers for fresh and dried arrangements. Slowly but surely, Maria has been paving the way to set up her own home studio for hand built ceramic and dried floral design. The little girl in the picture finally found her way to the tall stool and large table with creation shaped by hand.

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