Shipwreck Galley Gourmet Salsa
Presque Isle

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Thou the story of Pegleg and his seafaring journey are an imaginary tale, the quest for the perfect union of spirit and spice are not. On the coast, where crying gulls dally, two brothers charted their course to create premium, uniquely flavored gourmet salsas all made with the finest ingredients combined with spirits to form the perfect marriage of spirit and spice.

Shipwreck Galley operates from two ports, in southern Maine where the older brother oversees production, packaging, and distribution while the home port is in Northern Maine where the younger brother manages the company’s main office, marketing, direct-sales and web presence.

There are currently 7 gourmet salsa flavors in the treasure chest; Black Bean and Beer, Cherry & Brandy, Black Pepper & Ale, Olives & Gin, Chipotle & Tequila, Blueberry & Vodka and Peppers, Corn & Whiskey with more concoctions in the works…

Ye Olde Shipwreck Galley Gourmet Salsa…. Aye, the taste that’s sublime!