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124 Rowe Station Road

New Gloucester, ME 04260


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In 2014, we started the venture of finding our first home. Throughout this process, we discovered our love of design, rustic decor, and architecture. After a long search, we finally found our perfect home! We decided to make some changes before moving in so that it would be exactly what we wanted — changing the floors to wide plank barn wood boards was step one. It was a major undertaking, but we were bound to do them ourselves. This process helped us realize our love for rustic style, working together and sharing our passion with others.
Fast forward, and here we are! Now, we are proud to say that we are a husband and wife team built on quality, craft, and fun — making handcrafted pieces that will stay in your family for generations. With living in the beautiful state of Maine and being inspired by the Shaker community and craftsmanship in our area, we do what we love every single day! We hope to share our passion for woodworking with you through our furniture and decor to help turn your house into a home you love.

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