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In 2018, Katherine and Ato Swann decided to sell everything they owned and leave their suburban lifestyle to farm in Nova Scotia. – They didn’t make it. – Ato had gotten into a horticultural program, but two weeks before they were supposed to leave, their visas were denied. In their original plan, they were going to visit some friends in Southwest Harbor on the way to Canada. So they packed up the kids and headed north. They stayed in a campground in Ellsworth for the summer while they hoped to find their future farm. Serendipitously, they found a beautiful old farm in Pembroke on the coast Downeast. It had everything they were looking for, just not in the place they expected.

Katherine had always been fascinated by foraging and the idea that collectively we have forgotten how to recognize and use the abundance that nature provides. So she set out with her phone and an app, determined to find everything edible growing on their property. Exploring their land through food was a true joy.

Together they were farming and foraging and enjoying all the delicious food when they realized there was potential to make products with both farmed and foraged ingredients to share all the flavors of Downeast Maine with the world.

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