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No filters and no photoshop, because there is NO replacement for pure American Craftsmanship.
We decided in December of 2018 we would make jeans and boots. We decided it would be built on an American supply chain, and without compromise. We decided to make the best fitting, best looking, highest performing jeans and boots this country has ever seen.
We found the old timers. New England’s last few shoe dogs. They showed us the old ways. We listened, we executed. We also paid the price. It wasn’t easy. We bled a lot, and it cost a lot. The price of freedom cost a lot too, and that’s what these jeans and boots represent… FREEDOM.
This week, we will finally open up a pre-order for our boots. Like everything we make, when you open the Maine made cardboard box they come in, you will have a visceral reaction. You will feel proud, you will smell and feel the Origin factory. That smell and that feeling is what America was founded on. You will hear the people’s laughter in your mind, and imagine the machines and calloused hands that crafted the product. Then, you will truly be part of our revolution with boots on the ground.
I hope every brand that has chosen to export our jobs reads this. They’ve been playing with you. They’ve been lying to you. They’ve been spreading propaganda for 30 years. Now… we are coming for them. We are coming for their market share, we are coming to set the course straight. Fiber to fabric, bison to boots… Made in America without compromise. This is Origin.

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