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I am a unconventional watercolor artist, illustrator & curator of Caravan Artist Market.
A NH native, I received my BFA from the Maine College of Art in 2007, with a focus in printmaking & have since been living, & making art on the coast of Maine.
I am a habitual maker, I have always been compelled to be producing work in a variety of mediums, after completing my undergrad, I found my happy place in painting.
My process revolves around being a mother, having a home studio, & the time I steal for myself to paint. After loosing access to a press, I started again as a mixed media artist, I began painting primarily on wood with watercolor, & have since developed my own techniques. My partner, then frames my work for me, in a way that compliments & turns every painting into a beautiful lasting keepsake.
Working on wood lends me so much freedom, & flexibility, with integrity. It allows me to achieve more layering, color saturation, contrast, & boldness not commonly found in traditional watercolor paintings – while still embracing its lovely translucency, ability to move, wash, & blend. My paintings have evolved & translated beautifully into many varying printed products, from stickers, yearly calendars, limited edition prints to acrylic earrings.
I take endless inspiration from being outside in my garden & in nature. From the mountains, to the woods, to the beach. I find so much therapy & influence from my time spent on the coast, especially with the ocean, & watching the waves. The abyss of the sea is like a temple to me, the moody blues, constantly changing, the movement, the reflection of light, & its vastness.
I love opulent color, movement, pattern, & funk. While some of my paintings contain symbolism, my work of late is purely inspired by the beauty that we are surrounded by here in Maine.

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