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I’m Morgan, the owner of Nautical Farms. I started Nautical Farms with my partner in life and in business – Jake Patryn in 2017. We both grew up in Maine, but our seaweed story starts thousands of miles from the sea. While living in Colorado, we began exploring the power of seaweed which has brought us back to our roots and led to the start of Nautical Farms.

We had no previous aquaculture training or knowledge but were proactive in following our passion to learn more and get involved in the growing industry in Maine. We now grow over 5 acres of seaweed, serve on the board of the Maine Aquaculture Association, host events educating communities about the benefits of farmed kelp and more! We look forward to sharing with you the experience of seaweed.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

The Salt Hourse - Laguna Beach, California
Taproot Magazine - Portland, Maine
Hidden Pond - Kennebunkport, Maine
Harbor Fish Market - Portland, Maine