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After over a decade living in Paris, France, I became an “accidental oyster farmer” back home in Maine, earning me the nickname “Oyster Lady.” Oyster farming is a great workout but it takes a toll on my sensitive skin. Having suffered chronic skin issues ranging from cystic acne, to basle cell carcinoma, to eczema, I wanted to be proactive.

I knew from living in France that the secret to improving my skin was in ingredients found right beneath my workboat! So I tried the leading marine skincare brand. It set me back over $400 and wound up clogging my pores! I wanted the benefits of marine ingredients but I also wanted clean, travel-friendly, and eco-minded products that were effective and compatible with my super sensitive skin. So, with the help some natural skincare gurus, and some local seaweed harvesters, I started making products myself.

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Holly Stone - Portland, ME