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I am a self-taught leather artist. At the age of 5, my grandmother taught me to sew and from there, I fell in love with textiles. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s and the love of tie-dye, I found myself wanting to wear these pieces filled with color. The problem is that most tie-dye is cotton, and it wasn’t reasonable being in a cold climate. Cleaning up my closet, I found a swatch of black leather and wondered if I could remove some of the color and create my own tie-dyed leather. From there I was met with a lot of “no’s” on dying leather. So naturally, I accepted the challenge and the journey started.

I am constantly inspired by nature and all things around me, but mostly, it’s the leather and it’s unique story that reaches me. The edge of a hide, or the markings has the power to suddenly put an idea into my head and inspire.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Chihuly Bookstore - Seattle, WA
Kaight - Beacon Hill, NY
Lavish - Crested Butte, CO
MOYO Boutique - Blue Hill, ME