Marie Spaulding Art

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Marie Spaulding was born and raised in Maine. She remembers as a child living in Downeast Maine always creating and being fascinated with nature.
Marie has studied art most of her life and has some professional schooling at a Maine University but has mostly gained her
skills through practical experience, learning through trial and error.
It took Marie some time to find her artistic path after working in other non-art industries, but an opportunity that sold her first painting in 2009 lit her creative fire and from there her art career started to take off.

She then became a full-time professional artist in 2018.
Her style is heavily nature inspired and is a balance of abstract and realism. She uses a combination of mixed mediums and techniques – focusing on colorful, textured pieces.
“I love animals – I’ve always felt connected and drawn to them -and I also love colorful textures and layers – my style has merged bringing these two things together.”
Painting mostly animals she enjoys the connection and meaning of each animal. After losing her yellow lab Lily in 2013 her connection to animals grew even stronger.
Her art studio is located in central Maine where she currently lives.