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I have been a full-time professional sculptor working exclusively in hardwoods for the past 40 years. There have been several phases of subject matter for this work. For several years, the concentration was on sculptural lamps, clocks, vases, candelabra and other home accessories. During another period of about eight years, the focus was solely on sculpture in the round of a floral motif. After a twenty-two year period spent creating a line of highly-finished, sculptural, gourmet cooking utensils, my focus has returned to drawing inspiration from all things botanical. The process consists of hand-guided band–sawing, hand-carving, and sanding of solid pieces of wood. There is no bending of the wood in any way. To my knowledge, I am the only person doing this type of work to this degree of finish.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Mainely Tidal Marketplace - Brunswick, Maine
MOFGA Store - Freeport, Maine
Center for Maine Crafts - W. Gardner, Maine
Archipelago - Rockland, Maine