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We began keeping bees nearly a decade ago as an endeavor to share with our twelve-year-old daughter. After participating in a beginner beekeeping class at The Honey Exchange over the winter we started out with two hives in the backyard and grown every year since. Our daughter has since gone on to new horizons, but the hobby captured our fancy and has blossomed into a small local bee-based business selling honey and other products from the hive. Our commitment to producing natural pure raw honey is unwavering; we continuously seek ways to improve our craft and deliver a high-quality product. Over the years, we’ve delved into extensive intermediate and advanced beekeeping education and are on a mission to complete EAS Master Beekeeper certification. Giving back is a core value for us as we grow — we actively gather knowledge and provide support to our peers. With a keen ability to research and implement improvements, we are dedicated to advancing beekeeping practices. We are also passionate about expanding pollinator habitat, we emphasize the importance of pollinators to the public through interactions with our customers and educational sessions with elementary school kids.


10/4/2024 - 10/6/2024
Freeport Fall Festival 2024

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

The Honey Exchange - Portland, Maine
Lois' Natural Marketplace - Scarborough, Maine
Barber Bros. Meat + Provisions - South Portland, Maine
Highland Farm - Scarborough, Maine