Lori A. Davis, Photographer

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Lori’s love of nature was inspired by her family’s volunteer work as wildlife rehabilitators, while she was growing up on a small farm in northeastern Connecticut. Whether it was bottle feeding an orphaned whitetail fawn or teaching abandoned baby raccoons how to find food in a pond, no matter the task, she was aware how unique her wildlife interactions were. Picking up an old 110 camera, she began documenting her experiences, anxious to share them with others. She didn’t realize at the time how that decision would impact on her life.

Over the years, Lori’s awareness & appreciation for the natural world, combined with her passion for photography, have inspired her to travel the country capturing the amazing wildlife & spectacular scenery each region has to offer. A self-taught photographer published both nationally & internationally, her collection includes images from across America. Using the camera as her tool, she hopes to not only inspire others with her photographs, but also to educate & raise awareness of the fragile natural world that surrounds us.

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