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Lola Arts is a home goods lifestyle brand that is based in ceramic kitchenware and is expanding to other home and life accessories. At Lola Arts we believe that functional art makes everyday life a little bit better. We believe that following your heart, being yourself and spreading happiness makes the world a better place. And we are so excited that we get to live these beliefs through our little company!

Our gift line is inspired by our home in Maine. A place where small businesses are thriving, people take care of each other and connection to people and place is important. Our Maine ornaments started as wedding favors when we got married a few years ago. Handcrafted from blocks of clay they are rolled, cut, smoothed, fired, hand painted with our bright color palette and signature design and fired a second time before the ribbon and final touches are added. We pride ourselves in creating products that are handcrafted with the love and happiness that we hope they spread into the world.


Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

The Maine Souvenir Shop - Portland, Maine -
Spruce and Gussy - Bar Harbor, Maine -
Hatch On Maine - Brunswick, Maine -
Cia Cafe - South Portland, Maine -