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I am a Maine native, born and raised in the Maine Highlands and MidCoast regions. I attended the University of Maine at Machias. I majored in Fine Art and graduated with a BA in 2001. After a couple years in education, I began a career in land surveying. This took me to Connecticut for a while, but we’re back for good! I have a wonderful wife and a houseful of great children.

Over the years, I never gave up drawing. On a dare, I took part in Inktober in 2016. I never really used ink much before. Graphite and charcoal were my preferred media. But the ink seemed to pull me in. Before long, I was drawing more and more and using a wider variety of inks and tools. It occurred to me that I could draw portraits of lobster boats by commission. I began to offer this service that Fall. The response was immediate. And all of this on a dare.

I have always loved the Maine Coast. My family has roots that run deep in Maine, and especially along the rugged coastline. Drawing scenes of places I love so dear has been a pure joy. And the photos fishermen send me to work from are always inspiring.

My work has attracted not only fishermen, but others who love the ocean have pleasure craft. I have drawn for folks in Illinois, Alabama, Florida, California, and beyond. And fisherman from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nova Scotia, and Alaska have connected with me for commissioned work. Each finished drawing is my new favorite. Each one had a challenge that I had to figure out. Each one has been a pure joy.

And again, it was all on a dare.