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When asked how he came up with the idea of turning trick waterskis into skateboards, Linden has this to say: “My parents had this guy living in their basement who was a trick waterski champion of Sweden in the ’60s. He gave me this pair of trick waterskis and every time I tried to ride them I got hurt because they had no fins! Several years later I found them in the closet and I asked my wife, ‘What should we do with these?’ and she said ‘Those look like skateboards.’ And I was like, oh, that’s brilliant! So it was kind of a combination of, she says they look like skateboards, I’m gonna put wheels on them. The first ones were pretty much a failure because when you put trucks [the hardware on which the wheels are mounted] and wheels on a board that wide, the wheels bind grabing the board and you basically stop on a dime. It’s like putting the brakes on.

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