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I have worked as a clinical social worker for the past 30 years. I have always considered myself creative but never had any formal training and outside of the occasional creative hobby here and there, never really focused on art. My art business was born during the pandemic quite by accident. My youngest son was in college and declaring his major in graphic design. We needed to equip him with an iPad and purchase the Adobe software to support his major. As a result of him being at home that year due to the pandemic I was able to watch what he was learning. When he wasn’t using the software, I began to pick it up and fiddle around with it. I really enjoyed the process. I immersed myself in online educational formats to grow my knowledge of both Photoshop, Procreate, InDesign, etc. I loved the ease of use; how I could pick up the iPad wherever I was, open the application, create in the spare time I had and then save and close the program when I was done. I did not need a studio space, did not need to purchase paints and brushes, or clean up after I was done! I surprised myself by my innate use of color and being able to take an idea or inspiration from around me and create my designs from the blank screen of the iPad. After things started opening up after the quarantine I started to attend various continuing education classes at MECA to further my skill set. It has been fun to see my aptitude improve along with my confidence After providing counsel to thousands of clients over the years as a social worker, this process has become my own sort of therapy. I look forward to spending my free time creating new illustrations and I have really enjoyed seeing customers respond positively to my work! I did not foresee this growing into a part time business but it has moved in this direction over the past couple of years quite naturally and I am thrilled about that!


South Portland - Art in the Park
10/4/2024 - 10/6/2024
Freeport Fall Festival 2024

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Maine Souvenier Shop - Portland, ME
Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine - Bath, ME
Cia Cafe - South Portland, ME
BeachGrass- Kennebunkport, ME
Wicked Good Elderberry - Belgrade, ME
Two Lights Lobster Shack Shop - Cape Elizabeth, ME
Inspire North- Skowhegan, ME
JoyStreet- Concord, MA
Migis Lodge- South Casco, ME
Greentail Table-Newton, MA
Maine Potters Market- Portland, ME