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My life as an artist began when I was a little girl spending time with my French Canadian grandmother who taught me to knit, crochet, sew, garden, gather wild berries, cook and bake. I also learned about selling handmade goods and giving back to my community at her elbow in the basement of St. Therese’s church in Oakland, Maine. Each holiday season, she would set up a table and sell mittens, scarves, baby sweaters and booties, and when the show was over, she would donate whatever was left to the charity box. I have always found joy and comfort and purpose in making things with my hands and heart. My first experience selling at shows was right after college and I sold handmade sewn items such as quilts, vests and holiday ornaments. I went on to teach myself how to use a fancy camera and had a website where I sold my photos of all sorts of scenes in Maine and beyond. Those skills have been very important to me as a painter, which is an art form I took up ten years ago. I am able to photograph my own finished paintings for use in designing products such as inspiration card decks, greeting cards, calendars, posters and prints, and I taught myself how to use a graphic design program so that I am able to do the designing myself. I find my inspiration for my paintings in the gorgeous natural environment in which I live here on the coast of Maine. In 2023 I have been focused almost exclusively on coastal themes and have produced 37 paintings since January. I recently showed these paintings at my favorite summer art show and not only sold 21 paintings but also received the top honor of having my painting of two young girls in swimsuits holding a swim float chosen as Best In Show, which is an incredible achievement I would never have believed could happen. I have studied and taken workshops with Maine artists Mary Brooking and Nancy Keenan Baron and with national and international artists Elizabeth St. Hilaire, Emma Petitt, and Lucy Thomas to name just a few.

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