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Matthew Alden, founder-

Matt grew up at his family’s century-old weather-beaten cottage on the coast of Maine. It’s a place where shingles buckle and stain peels from the exterior as soon as it is applied. It’s a place that has been pieced together for over five generations. His Grandpa built the fireplace. His great grandmother made the dishes. An Alden crafted the rugs, lampshades, everything in the house. Matt calls it home but it’s not a place he can own. It’s a gift and a legacy that he is the current caretaker of. With his home in Maine in mind, Matt founded Jonathan Alden so the pleasure of handmade home goods could be spread. As a maker, Matt seeks to create what may be the subject of time- our time, and our descendant’s time. This is at the core of every Jonathan Alden product.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Portland Knife House - Portland, Oregon
Phoenix Knife house - Phoenix, Arizona
Pineland Market - New Gloucester, Maine
Vix Emporium - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania