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Here at Hum-Dingah! Brownies, we used the finest ingredients, have no added preservatives and cook in small batches. We love what we do and we want to share it with you!

I come from a family of Bakers. My grandfather used to own a Bakery in the basement of his home up in “The County.” By the way.. for you Outta Statah’s, that’s up in Northern Maine. My Mother as a child used to help him bake and deliver bread during the Depression. My Mother was a wonderful Cook and Baker in her own rite. I have fond memories of our home as a child; the smell of bread and pies baking. As for myself, I have spent a lifetime in the Food Industry. I have always enjoyed entertaining and cooking for a crowd and have a passion for food. This time it happens to be Brownies!

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Bates College: Bobcat Den - Lewiston, ME
Good Life Market - Raymond, ME
Brighton Medical Center - Portland, ME