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Hüga strives to bring people together outdoors to enjoy nature, friends and family throughout the year by warming our cores from the bottom up. Our heated seat cushions are named for the Danish concept of hygge (pronounce it), which captures the idea that winter is an opportunity for coziness, comfort, and community. Each Maine-made, battery-powered, portable hüga heated cushion comes with three temperature settings. Think of the heated seats in your car, without the car.What makes hüga stand out from other heated seats is that they were designed for restaurants with marine grade vinyl that can withstand harsh weather and repeated desanitizing, as well as our high-powered battery that lasts up to 8 hours on high and 12 hours on low. Our customers are saving time, money, and the environment by minimizing the use of propane with our clean and renewable heating alternative.Hüga sources as much of our material and services from Maine businesses as possible. Every hüga cushion is assembled and packaged right here in Maine. We buy our vinyl and foam from Maine companies, use Maine-based design, accounting and legal services, and rely on our close relationships with our Maine screen printer and contract sewers. We are dedicated to continuing to support the Maine economy and creating jobs within our own company and our fellow small business owners.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Nomads - Portland, Maine
Also available to use at many Portland area restaurants - Allagash, Boathouse Bistro, Chaval, Cliff House, Coveside Coffee, Dock Fore, Duckfat, Hunt & Alpine, Iris Eats, Katie Made Bakery, King Eider’s Pub, Luna Rooftop Bar at the Canopy Hotel, Portland Beer Hub, Terlingua, Tiqa, Tipo, Tiqa, Yosaku