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North Berwick

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Hickory Arms hand crafts hickory practice swords for Eastern and Western Martial Arts, stage combat, historical reenactment, fitness, cosplay, and gifts.

In history, when the swordsmith provided you with a commissioned sword, he also provided a wooden version of the same sword for practice. This sword was called a waster. It was the weight and balance of its metal counterpart and saved wear and tear on your valuable metal sword.

I trained with a swordsmith waster maker to maintain this historic craft.  Personally I have always had a passion for swords and history and love sculpting and art. This combination  allowed me to become an excellent craftsman of hickory practice swords.

Modern uses for the practice sword are varied: from tactical and fitness gear, to historical demonstrations, costuming and regal gifts.

Hickory Arms is the U.S.A. and Maine made choice for the wooden practice sword.