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Although we live in Midcoast Maine, we spend a lot of our time at our camp deep in the North Maine Woods. One of our many hobbies includes searching for moose antlers. This entails lots of walking and learning moose habitat and behavior. During the spring of 2018 we found a record number of antlers and we discovered our dogs loved chewing on them! So, what was once a hobby quickly became a passion to find and provide high quality moose antler chews for dogs.

Each Spring and Fall we, along with our labrador retrievers Gracie and Oakley, hike many miles each day in search of fresh, brown moose antlers. During the winter months we ride our snowmobiles searching until the snow is too deep and the antlers are buried beneath it.
Last season we rode the snowmobiles almost 3000 miles and walked approximately 200 miles!

We feel there is nothing better than spending time in the woods and working alongside our dogs. This is our passion and our life and we love it!