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My plant journey began as a child, sitting on a boulder & making “witches brew” with plants, acorns, mud & sticks. Decades later, I am still continuously inspired by nature & the lessons plants have to offer us. After years of studying & apprenticeships, I’m proud to be formulating our herbal remedies in the traditional way of my Norwegian ancestors.

We make our products using the traditional methods that have been used by people for thousands of years. There is no speeding up the process or quick-fixes! We slowly infuse each herb for a full moon cycle to fully extract all the medicinal properties the way nature intended. Everything is made in small batches using fresh, organically grown, seasonal herbs, most of which we grow!

Like most New England Forests, the land we live on has been ravaged for its resources without reciprocity. We plan to restore this land to a healthy, vibrant botanical sanctuary where medicinal herbs grow underneath the canopy of a healthy forest with a thriving wildlife habitat. We plan to build traditional Norwegian Stabbur houses with grass roofs to host workshops & visitors.

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