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It was in 2021 that I started blacksmithing and in 2022 my interest became a passion. I took a beginner blacksmithing course at New England School of Metalwork. Between that course and endless hours of watching other smiths on YouTube, my ability with the trade improved, as did my confidence.

The thing I love about blacksmithing is the process of taking a simple piece of metal and transforming that into a functional item; whether that’s a simple hook for a coat or an ash shovel for a wood stove. It’s a balance of brute force and art.

While blacksmithing is steeped in centuries of tradition and technique there’s still plenty of room for creativity. I strive to find ways to put my own touch on anything I make.

At the end of the day I get an amazing amount of joy from forging items that anyone can use: hooks, spoons, coat racks, fireplace tools, etc. I want what I create to be accessible for people so they can see the difference between a hand-forged item and something that’s mass produced. Everything I make is one of a kind and no matter how many times I make the same item it’s always a little different. That’s something special about handcrafting and that distinct uniqueness should be appreciated.


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