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Danielle Gerber is a local Maine Artisan. She grew up on the coast of New Hampshire and moved to Maine to obtain her BFA in metals and jewelry from the Maine College of Art. As a diversely trained metalsmith she crafts jewelry, sculptures and home wares; which she sells at stores and craft shows throughout New England.
“My work is inspired by the ocean and living on the coast of Maine. I am fascinated by water and sea life. Everything I make is individually fabricated to be completely unique, like every moment in the ocean. My jewelry is made from recycled sterling silver & quality materials; and is reminiscent of the classic Maine beach getaway, with forms inspired by seashells and ocean creatures.”
“The sculptures and home wares I make are spurred from my love of forming metal and the natural patterns created through the movement of water. These copper and bronze sculptures and objects utilize traditional forms with natural textures that are created through traditional silversmithing techniques, such as raising, chasing and repousse. These techniques move metal through a slow methodical process, much the same way water sculpts the earth. Through my work I feel closer to the natural world and invite my viewers to explore their own connections.”

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