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We produce a line of three tomato based, Kansas City style barbecue sauces, our best selling Sweet ‘N Spicy followed closely by Hot ‘N Nasty and Mesquite Madness, as well as five seasoning blends from our best selling all purpose Pixie Dust to, in order of sales, Chick Magnet, for all things fowl, to our slightly spicy red meat rub Cow Bell Hell, our heavenly pork and rib rub Sublime Swine and our savory seafood seasoning Fintastic.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Seacrest Foods International - Lynn, MA -
Progressive Distributors, Inc - Winthrop, ME -
Rumo BBQ - Treis-Karden, Germany -
Sitro Group Australia PL - Mt. Waverley, Australia -