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I live and work in Rangeley, Maine.  Years ago I had a woodcraft business and I have always wanted to get back to this more creative lifestyle. So after a detour of working for several Boston area gift companies in product development and design in the housewares industry I taught myself how to paint in watercolor, moved to my cabin in Maine and added a painting studio. My work is inspired primarily by nature and wildlife and there was no better place to continue to learn about nature and wildlife than in the woods of northern Maine. Bird watching, hiking and observations of nature provided all the inspiration and subject matter I needed. My personal motto has became “Paint to Learn”. I have come to realize that the process of observing and learning about nature was what was driving my art and what I chose to paint. I loved, for example, learning how the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical principal (also called the “Golden Ratio”) describes the growth and development of many objects of nature such as the “spiraling” of the seeds of a Sunflower; the layering of the fish scales of Sea Bass; the “chambers” of the Chambered Nautilus. It is through the process of painting that I have learned about the intricate patterning of the wings of a Dragonfly, about the variety of color and texture of flowers such as the iris, camellia and peony and the distinguishing features of birds including herons, owls and hummingbirds.

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Cuddledown - Freeport, ME
Ecopelagicon - Rangeley, ME
Artisun Gallery - Hot Springs, NC