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Shelley Lance-Fulk and Jacklyn Amtower are sisters living in Newport, Maine. They have been traveling and photographing wildlife around the world since their teens. They have visited all seven continents on multiple occasions and their passports have stamps from more than 135 countries. Their experiences of adventure, enlightenment and respect for animals are shared in tales and stories with accompanying photographs in their five books, Can I Carry Your Luggage?, Upside Down and Backwards, Dromomainea, GPS (Go.Play.Share) and Encounter!. Their time throughout the year is divided between traveling, sharing their photographs and stories at artisan fairs and in speaking engagements. Their YouTube Channel, Traveling Sisters Adventures, enables viewers to hop in their vehicle to join Shelley and Jacklyn on their travels! The sisters enjoy the experience of meeting new people and observing other cultures and wildlife but their appreciation for the state of Maine always draws them home to the animals and splendor of their beautiful community.

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