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Our art tells a story of the Maine coast, a place known for its breathtaking natural beauty and rich art culture.

Welcome to Coastal art co., where the rugged beauty of Maine’s coastline meets the world of art. Based in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, our mosaic pebble artist, Sherry, and frame maker, John, combine their talents to capture the essence of our extraordinary coastal surroundings.

At Coastal art co., Sherry, mosaic pebble artist, takes pride in her meticulous craftsmanship. Each mosaic pebble art piece is lovingly handcrafted using a diverse selection of carefully sourced pebbles from local beaches and coves. These pebbles, shaped by nature, come together to create intricate and distinctive designs, ensuring no two pieces are ever alike.

John, our master frame maker, enhances each piece made from repurposed wood. This touch of rustic authenticity not only complements the art within but also adds a unique and timeless charm to each creation.

We’re not just in the business of creating art; we’re in the business of bringing the Maine coast into your home. Our hope is that our work brings as much joy to your life as it brings us to create it. When you invest in a Coastal art co. piece, you are investing in a piece of Maine’s coastline, a piece of its culture, and a piece of its heart.

Thank you for choosing Coastal art co. to share in our love for Maine’s stunning coastal beauty.


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