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Carol’s Country Crafts has been doing business in Maine for over 20+ years. The company was founded by Carol who found her sewing talents were appreciated by many. Carol started to wholesale items to local gift shops and sell retail at craft shows. She and the company grew over the years. I am proud to say Carol is my mom and we shared the love for fabric and sewing. Our products been approved to carry the Made In Maine Program Label. I am also proud to continue the tradition of making the quality hand made items for local gift shops and frequent craft shows along with adding an Carol’s Country Crafts to the internet. My Mom inspired me to design new products and keep the quality of the items to a high standard. Mom taught me to sew when I was 12 yrs old. I used to go up to her sewing shop each weekend to help out as she continued to teach me all aspects of the business and a strong work ethic.


Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Lands End Gifts - Baily Island, ME
Rebecca's - Bangor, ME
The Hutch - Boothbay, ME
Blueberry Basket - Porter, ME