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WELCOME BUOYS  These are real lobster buoys on a rope painted in Maine by The Buoy Guy himself.  Dozens of designs to choose from.  Makes a unique, coastal themed gift. Welcome Buoys are available personalized! (wholesale available, retail via website or direct at shows)

THE ORIGINAL BUOY BAT – Invented and patented by The Buoy Guy himself right here in Maine.  Made with real lobster trap buoys and hardwood handles.  Easy to use because it’s light and has a very large sweet-spot.  Played like baseball.  Comes with a special face-friendly foam ball that won’t hurt if it hits you, and it can’t break windows.  Awesome family game perfect for the beach, backyard, or playground. To watch a video about Buoy Bats by Steve Minnich of WMTW-TV, please click HERE! Buoy Bats are available personalized! (wholesale available, retail via website or direct at shows)

THE POO-E-BUOY – This is the ultimate nautically themed toilet paper holder! The Original Poo-E-Buoy freestanding toilet paper holder makes a great addition to any bathroom inland or on the coast.  With space for two rolls, this unique buoy-themed holder offers homes with conflicting over/under, or one-ply vs two-ply opinions a way to get along!  Base and upright made of Philippine Mahogany.  Other components made of domestic wood.  Four rubber feet prevent damage to floors.  Finished with a high quality penetrating oil and wax to protect and beautify. Made to order by The Buoy Guy himself with the buoy design of your choice. Poo-E-Buoys are available personalized! (retail only via website or direct at shows)

MINI BUOYS – Mini buoys are made of wood and available in 24 fun designs!  Use them as Key Chains, Zipper Pulls, Backpack bling, Christmas Ornaments or in whatever application you’d like! (retail only via website or direct at shows)

BUOY BAT GO FETCH! – Your dog is going to love this product!  Use it to hit tennis balls to your dog and watch them RUN!  A built in pick-up device on the bottom allows the ball to be picked up with no bending making it fun for the human too! Buoy Bat Go Fetch! is available personalized! (wholesale available)

All buoys are PAINTED by The Buoy Guy…No stick-on vinyl is used!

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