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Gabrielle Jolie Stratmann’s foundational background as an illustrator started from an early interest in all things creative. She studied under prestigious art schools participating in programs at Maine College of Art, Pratt institute, and Savannah College of Art and Design. She is inspired by traditional feminine crafts taught to her by her great grandmother and grandmothers like embroidery and felting, and hopes to modernize these traditions through unique crafting kits for makers today. Gabrielle is deeply rooted in Portland, Maine’s creative community, hosting and organizing multiple Art Markets and Creative Events through her business Fete Market. She also teaches workshops and classes that focus on demystifying creative practices like watercolor, embroidery, felting, and more into achievable processes that inspire beginners and pros alike to pursue their personal creativity. In addition to being an Artist, Gabrielle was a professional Irish Dancer (yes just like Riverdance) ranking 4th in the world, touring in Australia, and also designing Irish Dance Costumes.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Handiwork - Portland, Maine
Quarterstitch - New Orleans, Louisiana
Monkitree - Gardiner, Maine
Rabbit Row Yarns - Corning, New York