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Poland Spring

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Meg and Kellie Patti are a daughter/mother duo who recently purchased Bowline Co. from original founders LK & Laura Weiss. Prior to Bowline Co., Meg spent ten years in retail sales and leadership development for a top 20 Fortune 500 company. She finds inspiration in making the people around her feel like the best versions of themselves through genuine connections and deep rooted relationships. She enjoys being of use to those around her and being a part of purposeful work. Having a passion for creativity, this venture gives Meg a tangible outlet in many different ways. She is thrilled to now be an owner at Bowline Co. and to keep the incredible vision of the company alive. Kellie began her career in the retail arena, spending several years managing a specialty shop. In a sense, becoming a Bowline Co. owner brings her career full circle. The years in between have been spent raising her two children and working in the non-profit sector where she managed large volunteer corps in the healthcare and hospice realm. Kellie has a creative side that is being nurtured through working with her daughter, Meg, on all things Bowline. Her years in management have provided her with business and process improvement experience which she finds serves her well as a company owner. The underlining motivation for her, is to do meaningful work and make others feel good.