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At the end Russian Revolution, the revolutionists opened all the royal museums, galleries, and halls in Moscow and other cities. All the peasants were welcome to these places but there was one big problem – peasants’ boots. These “hob-nailed” boots, if left on the inlaid marble flooring, did serious damage to the floor and if removed and left in a pile, was difficult for the peasants to find their pairs. The horrible smell or unwashed feet was another problem. This is how the trend of OVER BOOT SLIPPERS got started (I saw them during my travels to Europe in the 60’s).
I wanted to create something that can fix the ‘dirt on the floor” issue. Because I am an architect in the building business, I realized the need for construction boot covers and scuff boot slippers in the real estate business. They were made in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Small for children and petite ladies; medium for medium ladies and small men; large for the larger ladies and regular men; and extra-large for the large men.

I got my “eureka moment” when I was skiing at the wonderful Sugarloaf USA up the road from Kingfield, Maine, where I owned, restored and operated a Historic Hilltop Country Inn and French Restaurant for nearly 20 years. What started with designing buildings later led to my passion for just solving problems and which led to making the BOOT SLIPPERS.

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