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Tracey Graves has developed a deep appreciation for the things that matter most. From an early age, she had a unique perspective on life as the daughter of a funeral director. As she got older, this view of the world shaped her desire to always find meaning in the little things.

In 2007, as the busy mother of two young daughters, Tracey began making jewelry as a way to channel her self-expression. A self-taught designer, she loved the challenge of figuring out how to create what was in her head. Inspired by her reading and the people and places around her, Tracey’s creations were more than just pieces of jewelry. They were personal mementos infused with meaning.

In 2012, she began working full-time on the business. She launched her first wholesale line, and started working with shops around New England, creating pieces to serve as reminders of special places. Soon after, Becoming opened its first shop and studio in Kennebunk, Maine, while continuing to grow its wholesale line. Today, Becoming offers multiple collections, each piece crafted by hand in Maine.

Becoming is about small things with big meaning: a word that becomes a mantra, a place you wish to remember, a gentle nudge to pick you up, a deep breath, a person you hold in your heart, a date you’ll never forget. It’s about celebrating both the everyday moments and the milestones, a gift to give yourself or someone you love. A Becoming piece is a reminder to find joy in the little things, an invitation to pay attention. Becoming is finding center, coming home, pursuing adventure. Becoming is where you’ve been and where you’re going. Becoming is what you are.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Wyler's - Brunswick, ME
The Wright Gallery - Kennebunkport, ME
Inside Out - Portsmouth, NH
Salty Girl - Biddeford, ME


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