Anne Riggs Designs

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Thank goodness the world is waking up to the over-dependence of single use products, things that have a useful life of maybe just minutes or even seconds. Do your part to help shift the tide.

Ready to add a bit of beauty to your sustainable lifestyle? Looking for a gift for someone who will truly appreciate a hand-crafted product from a small business? You are in the right place!

Anne Riggs Designs is a one-woman business located in Portland, Maine. Anne presents beautifully handmade reusable products for your home and family, from paper towels, cloth napkins and bowl covers to baby wipes and makeup pads. A wonderful gift for anyone who values a sustainable lifestyle, Anne’s products are designed to lessen the burden of throwaways on the environment. These essential, everyday-use items are an initial investment with long-term savings.

Anne says, “I thought about all of the plastic and paper products designed to be used once and thrown away, and set out to create products that are durable and attractive, in fabrics that fit a variety of home environments and appeal to everyone in the family.”

With much joy for my work and much appreciation for my loyal customers,