Alpha Libra

  • Retail


As a self trained artist and designer, I am guided by my imagination and inspired by color. When my first son was born, I became interested in finding a way to have a career that not only I could be in charge of but one that would fulfill me as a human being. After years of being obsessed with colorful textiles, I realized I had the capability to make anything I could dream up. I taught myself to screen print and a whole new world opened up to me. I started with baby t shirts but soon found that I couldn’t stop there. I went on to print onto women’s clothing and then started designing, sewing and printing home textiles.
Now as a single mother to 2 boys I find myself reaping the fruits of my labors. I live in between Belfast and a small island in east Penobscot Bay where I help run the island; managing the rentals and boat company, throwing fabulous parties and events and running my small boutique out the ballroom of an old farmhouse. This place is my safe haven, my paradise and between having the honor of being there and having a created a business getting to do what I love in the winter in a town I adore, I feel that I have modeled for my boys the idea that following your instincts and doing what you love will bring you joy. The difficulties and hard work with all of this are totally worth it and, in my opinion, the secret to having a happy life.