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As an Eleven year old, I started experiencing blood vessels popping underneath my skin on my legs and only my legs. This condition usually lasts for up to 6 months and then goes away but it has now been 12 years of increasing breakouts and pain without much avail. I had been to every doctor and tried many different approaches to figure out what could be happening and how to solve it without much success. I was on pharmaceutical drugs for years and once I realized they were only covering up the problem, I stopped taking them and set out to find a way that would actually heal the problem. Life keeps going though, so once I was in college at Massart in Boston I discovered my love for textiles and fibers. In school we only used chemical dyes and I immediately noticed my body did not like them, so I started asking about natural dyes and was recommended some books to read and was offered more support when I moved back to the woods of Maine and transferred to The Maine College of Art my sophomore year. From then on, I have only used plants to color my textiles. Once I began that exploration is when my medical approach started to shift to more natural and herbal practices. It wasn’t until 2016 when I thought I stumbled upon a new discovery when I realized that the plants I’m using to dye clothes with can also be used to heal us, thus the healing garment was born! Although, I am proud of my intuition for connecting to this truth, healing with clothing has been practiced in Ayurvedic medicine for 5000 years but this healing alternative is the one thing I have found the most success with. The process of creating them brings me much peace, harmony, and health as well.

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