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33 by Hand, is a studio in Portland, ME specializing in handmade, durable style-forward travel goods and accessories in leather and canvas in various treatments for all people. Artist/owner/designer James McLaughlin established the brand in 2015, initially offering high quality custom leather bags, wallets, and bracelets, and later expanding his product line to items made from canvas. A past life in the world of music as a recording engineer and producer in Boston, MA, Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA and 20+ years as a DJ, point to many sources of constant inspiration and compliment James’ passion for forward-thinking and versatile design. Upon leaving the music industry as a full time career in 2013, his experience has included research & design, and production for high end/luxury home goods and cutting edge outdoor adventure gear brands and retailers.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Toad & Co. - 11 Bow St. - Freeport, Maine
Maine Craft Portland - 521 Congress St. - Portland, Maine
Engine - 128 Main St. - Biddeford, Maine
Venn & Maker - 65 Washington St. - Portland, Maine