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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Medicine Wheel Herbals
106 Munnick Point
Lyman, ME 04002
Business Hours:
24/7 Online

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What's New:
We've launched our new liquid soap! It comes in a foam top bottle and is extremely moisturizing...and of course with NO chemicals!
Member Profile:
We create unique, natural (no chemicals, dyes, preservatives, fragrance) skin care products - primarily cold processed soaps. We blend a variety of sustainably grown, often organic plant oils that have been infused with home grown or wild harvested herbs, with essential oils - all according to our own recipes. We age our 6-7 oz. bars for 2-6 months to ensure a hard, longlasting soap. We also make herbal salves, lotion bars, and deodorants.
Member Bio:
Medicine Wheel Herbals was born over a year ago to an herbalist with a life-long passion for handcrafting soap. I focus on educating people so that they will have the knowledge and the desire to replace chemically laden-ed soaps and skin care products with healthy herbal products based on on ancient herbal traditions. These traditions focus on gentle coexistence with the earth while radiating food health. I hope people feel good, look good, and have fun using products from Medicine Wheel Herbals.
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